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Oakhurst Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Oakhurst, NJ


                               Dr. David J. DePalma

              D & A Chiropractic Center, LLC





                 Health & Wellness through

                  quality Chiropractic care






                            D & A Chiropractic Center

                  160 Market Street Saddle Brook, NJ 07663






                 Family,Wellness & Sports Injury Center

                                                   Make the W.I.S.H 

                          *Well being                                          *Insight

                         *Sports injury recovery                    * Healing





 Chiropractic may help the cause of these common concerns:  

 Headaches, sinuses, stress and sleep. Not just neck, back, foot, knee, joint and muscle pain or numbness.

         Find out how become a patient of Chiropractic health care.



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                                            State of the Art

                                SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY   

                  "A gentle and effective approach to back and neck pain"




Dr. David J. DePalma



Dr. David J. DePalma graduated from Life University in 2003. Prior to studying at Chiropractic School, he studied at Excelsior College in Albany NY where he received a degree in Biology. Dr. David J. DePalma has been practicing since 2004. He has two offices one in Saddle Brook and recently opened another office in Oakhurst to provide a Chiropractic care in Monmouth county area. Since he began practicing Chiropractic, Dr. DePalma has kept up to date on many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care. Dr. David J. DePalma has had previous field experience working with many Chiropractors and Physical therapy companies as a Massage Therapist before venturing to Chiropractic school.

   Dr. DePalma has taken an extensive course work on "VOM technique" which is specific to animals. Animals have a spine and a central nervous system, therefore, can benefit from regular Chiropractic care as well as their owners.

   Dr. David J. DePalma 's mission statement is: To obtain and uphold the art, science, and philosophy of Chiropractic through quality practice and to establish a "state of the art" Chiropractic Center. To be a professional and articulate communicator with effective interpersonal skills and have a reputation for developing a professional rapport with patients. Therefore, all my patients can go out to educate others about their health and wellness through the  Chiropractic science. S_Scolumbus_day_fair_0071.jpg

   D & A Chiropractic Center was established in 2004. The Center was named in honor of Dr. DePalma's grandparents named DePalma and Arcara respectfully. 

    Dr. David J. DePalma specializes in sports related injuries. He has been involved in vary athletics over the years as well at one time being a competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter and is still active in both to this day. His interest in weight training, nutrition and athletics has led him to his "chosen profession" of Chiropractic which Dr. D  has helped many athletes and health enthusiasts reach their goals. Dr. Dave's  passion of studying the art of Chiropractic science and the human body's process has led him to be dedicated professionally in service towards others. 

  Dr. Dave still marvels at the introduction of his Chiropractic journey as a little boy at 10 yrs. old living in Hoboken N.J.( Yes! Frank Sinatra's home). "My sister and mom use to work in Manhattan commuting back and forth their feet would be sore and ache. When they came home I use to have to rub their feet. At that time my sister would say you, "you should go be a Chiropractor." I guess, she felt the strength and effort of my hands even back then. I did not even know what a Chiropractor was! "

My philosophy is; "The body is dynamic, it has an energy and will adapt to its environment. The body must be in peak performance to have peak tolerance to the always changing environment around the body. In these dynamic and increasingly stressful days we live in, it does come down to the" Body, Mind and Spirit." Nourishing these important factors equally along with the material aspect of  this life is so vital to our survival." If it helps? body, mind, and spirit are bank accounts keep them all balanced, so you do not bounce the check!

I always say this about life's journey; "Life is like a spring you can run only so far before the kinetic energy that builds up in that spring will pull you back to your reality or destiny. Peace, love, harmony and balance in life is achieved through acceptance and forgiveness of our faults as well as an other's faults. Only then can we move on and accept a higher level of life that awaits us, if we dare." As they say in Yoga meditation, "Namaste"! ;)

With Dr. David J. DePalma's extensive training and philosophy in mind, he understands the value of skilled injury management and comprehensive healthcare.  Dr. DePalma is available for health seminars.

                The Greek philosopher Hippocrates wrote;"LOOK TO THE SPINE FOR DISEASE"

                           "The power that made the body will heal the body"