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Oakhurst Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Oakhurst, NJ


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 Chiropractic may help the cause of these common concerns:  

 Headaches, sinuses, stress and sleep. Not just neck, back, foot, knee, joint and muscle pain or numbness.

         Find out how become a patient of Chiropractic health care.



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                                            State of the Art

                                SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY   

                  "A gentle and effective approach to back and neck pain"






"I was a avid runner and dated a Chiropractor but wouldnt let him adjust me due to not being open and knowlegable to it. I overtrained and was in severe pain daily relying on tylenol and muscle relaxers resulting in unwanted knee surgery. Dr. DePalma took the time explaining my condition, treatment and follow up needed to get back to optimal health. He is truly talented and gifted. He loves what he does and knows the body and its chemistry inside and out. I am now living a healthy pain free active life thanks to him."
- Daniella R.
Jonathan Mannuzza

I have read about the decision of United Healthcare. I use to be a total non believer in Chiropractic care until 2 1/2 years ago.
On August 29, 2003, I had a car accident in NYC whereby I was rear ended and suffered a labral tear in my right shoulder and 6 injured discs (L5,S1,T2,T3,C4,C6), and the nerve was pinched from C6 down my right arm, whereby I would get numbness and even lose grip strength and drop things. I followed every course of venue, physical therapy (which I now believe made me worse off), massage therapy, acupuncture, pain killers, all to no avail.
My back kept getting worse to the point where I was having trouble getting up in the morning and driving. I was told to work out it would strengthen my back, it made it hurt even more.
In May of 2005, I stumbled upon Dr. Perry Nickelston and I figure to give Chiropractic care a shot since nothing else worked. I felt instant relief in my lower back. I started a treatment regimen. The practice Dr. Perry worked for became defunct in February 2006. I began to see Dr. David De Palma at Dr. Perry's recommendation. The level of care I received and how much I improved is simply amazing. I visited every week without fail and I contribute my improvement to Dr. DePalma's care. I don't get the numbness in my arm like I use to, I haven't lost grip strength in about a year. M neck while I still have headaches at times is greatly improved. My lower back is also greatly improved, I can get up in the morning and drive without issue.
How do I, a former non believer, make a difference for the profession?
Is there something I may do such as write specific organizations, government agencies?
Jonathan Mannuzza

Daniel M. Rodriguez

January 13, 2009

Dr. David J. Depalma
D&A Chiropractic Center, LLC
336 West Passaic Street, 3rd flr
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

Re: Testimonial

Dear Dr. Dave,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to educate me more in my health, wellness and maintenance of my chiropractic care. I have been undertaking your chiropractic services for nearly 10+ years and am very content and grateful for the recovery of my injuries and how the maintenance over the past few years has kept me in a consistent and stable condition.

Just most recently my ankle injury proved to me how your chiropractic approach and knowledge can help to cure almost any injury. I went from not being able to walk the morning after my injury to being able to bear my weight on my ankle after visiting you that day and within a 24 hour period I was able to walk again. It was amazing how with 3 consecutive sessions your treatment helped me to have a fast recovery!

It’s great to know that there is someone out there that takes great pride in their work and is passionate in making a difference through their work by healing others. I will certainly continue to recommend your services to anyone in need of promoting a healthier and balanced life.

Thanks again for your “healing power” and continued help to keep me balanced!

Kind Regards,

Daniel M. Rodriguez

Geoff Turner

My name is Geoff Turner, and I first started receiving chiropractic care in July, 2008 from Dr. DePalma because his business office was located about 5 feet from mine in Rochelle Park, NJ.

I hadn't been to a chiropractor in about 20 years, and although I figured I needed to start receiving care again, I, like so many others, was skeptical about chiropractors and their "reputations". Needless to say, I am writing this testimony because thanks to Dr. Dave, I am not only a believer in chiropractic care, I am desperately trying to get my friends and neighbors to start seeing him on regular basis.

One of the many great qualities of Dr. Dave is that first and foremost, he cares about his patients and their health. What really sets him apart (besides his clinical expertise), however, is his desire to teach his patients about their nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems, the individual procedures he uses (and why he uses them), and why they need chiropractic care to maintain proper spinal and immune system health. He explains that when your spine is in alignment, and your nervous system is allowed to function as it is meant to, you have a much better chance of reducing the painful effects of physical ailments, or preventing them from occurring in the first place. Dr. Dave explains that while conventional medication and treatment may, at some point, be required, a holistic approach to spinal health can, in many cases, prevent conventional treatment from becoming a necessity.

After I had been receiving about a month's worth of treatment, my 3-year-old daughter became ill with a cold. As usually happens in my house, she gets sick first, then my wife gets it, then it usually finishes its course by infecting me. When I didn't get sick, I found myself remembering Dr. Dave's comments that proper spinal alignment maximizes your immune system's ability to fight off infection. I fully believe that is the case.

I would highly recommend anyone, whether you think you need treatment or not, to get a free spinal consultation with Dr. DePalma. I couldn't be happier that my entire family (including my 3-year-old daughter) are patients of his.


Geoff Turner...Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Geoffrey B. Turner
New Jersey Regional Manager
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