Chiropractic Care and the Workout

MuscleChart.jpgChiropractic care and the workout

muscleBiomechanical stresses such as a "subluxation" within the spine or extremity will cause interference on the nervous system. Consequently, this interference irritates the nerves, blood, lymph supply, muscles and extremities causing "pain". Weakness and damage to the muscular system or to any of the joints will be the result. Recovery from working out can be longer and injuries can occur if the interference is left not reduced or taken away. Only 3% of our nerves are responsive to pain, so if you feel pain or discomfort, it is an issue worthwhile to be examined.

 Every cell that makes up all the tissues (muscles and organs) in the body is able to communicate with each other in balance and harmony through the "central nervous system". This fact is documented in "Gray's Anatomy 29th edition." Pg. 4 the "bible" from which all  types of Doctors study and reference from. The central nervous system is protected by the bony framework called the "spine". The biomechanical defect(subluxation) to the area that you might be interested in getting stronger, bigger or have any type of result could be limtied due to the subluxaton complex undetected.

The gym produces a "catabolic process"( breakdown) at the gym and after the gym "anabolic process" (build/repair). Basically, we build muscle outside the gym or after any activity we choose, therefore resting body parts and good nutrition are important. This should be of interest to any "fitness enthusiast" or "athlete" at any level.

As with the gym, Chiropractic healthcare is a "proactive" care meaning that what effort you put in, you will receive back the results. All other healthcare is "reactive". Good luck! Body, Mind, & Spirit!

In good health,
Dr. Dave


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